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Savojni was launched in 1934, the year in which the founder,
Commendator Piero Savojni,
designed and manufactured the first dedicated machine for cutting steel strips.
From that moment on, the company has been engaged in constant growth and development, driven forward by the founder's sons, Walter and Bruno, who are committed to continuing the work of their father. Over the years, the company's original field of specialization - cutting steel for third parties - has been expanded to encompass special materials.

The '80s proved to be a decisive decade for the company: having consolidated an enviable reputation for quality within the industry, Savojni became the leading name in the development and marketing in Italy of Aluzink.

In response to positive feedback from the market, in 1995 Savojni decided to initiate the important process of transformation into a joint-stock company.

In the last years, Savojni extended the product range, also investing in new production lines like the brand new cut to lenght line.

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